The Return of Elegance

Hello Friends,October 2013

What is - NEW DECO®?

The Art Deco era was the most stylish, elegant, and sophisticated aesthetic the modern world has ever known. From the most mundane objects such as a clock face or radio dial to industrial design, architecture, and fashion, there was a pervasive sense of artistry and attention to detail. Additionally, things were not only made to be beautiful but also to be functional and durable.

The NEW DECO® concept is born from a desire not go backwards in time but to bring forward into our modern lives a renewed sense of appreciation for such values. And most particularly, in the case of the NEW DECO ORCHESTRA, in the musical and theatrical arts.


Imagine walking into a ballroom with a beautifully lit stage highlighting a 22 piece orchestra featuring, strings, horns, harp and orchestral percussion in addition to a modern rhythm section with guitar, piano bass and drums. Everything about what you see and hear is a combination of highly sophisticated, elegant and refined style from the Art Deco era blended with contemporary design and production values resulting in a cutting edge aesthetic: New Deco. The bass and drum sounds are the deep sub bass and snare drum crack of contemporary urban music but layered on top shimmers the lush sound of real strings and horns beautifully arranged and skillfully orchestrated. The singers range from a vintage retro sound and look to a super modern delivery and style. You recognize the tune but you've never heard it sound like this! You dance. The lights come down and a captivating singer is featured performing a sultry ballad. The dance floor is cleared. You find a seat at your table and while enjoying a cocktail, witness a dazzling floorshow. It is the exhilaration of a Brazilian samba group, or the passion of an Argentine tango couple or perhaps a thrilling hip-hop/tap number.

There is no fourth wall. As the singers, dancers and musicians come off the stage, they don't disappear into remote dressing rooms somewhere (unless they need to change). They come down and join the crowd. They might sit at a table, enjoy a drink at the bar or perhaps even a dance. We are all sharing the experience. The orchestra now plays a stylish, classy interlude. Perhaps it is a classic Bossa Nova or another exquisitely arranged instrumental medley before a seamless segue into another dance set - and then the pattern repeats. Each time it ramps up just a bit becoming more modern in look and sound. The evening cycles through the musical eras, from the '30s to today, getting a little hotter and a little more contemporary each set until by the end of the night your tie is loose, your hair is down and you have just had one of the most interesting, exciting evenings of your life and one you will never, ever forget.

Welcome to the NDO experience. We look forward to counting you among those who share the desire for a new paradigm and a new form of entertainment to go with it. We will provide the soundtrack, the destination and the allure of a new aesthetic… the promise of exciting new possibilities. Come dance...

We'll see you there.

Manny Moreira
New Deco® Orchestra
Founder and Artistic Director
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